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I am highly disappointed and upset that USAA is discontinuing Deposit@Home and requiring everyone to use the mobile App. Not only is my computer network far more secure than a mobile app for such sensitive transactions, it is far easier for me, as a 73 year old with vision issues, to use. I am not sure who USAA consulted in making the decision to discontinue Deposit@home, but they did not consider the many retirees in their customer base. Please restore Deposit@Home forthwith!

Many of the comments regarding the retirement of Deposit at Home are due to security concerns, of using our mobile app vs website via home computer.

Please know, that our members information, privacy & security is a top priority concern to us. We have processes in place via phone, chat, website and mobile.

Here is some information that may assist with any security concerns you may have.

Take a look at each tab within these pages. 



I hope this helps to put your mind at ease. Have a great weekend. ~ Lori C

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