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I am highly disappointed and upset that USAA is discontinuing Deposit@Home and requiring everyone to use the mobile App. Not only is my computer network far more secure than a mobile app for such sensitive transactions, it is far easier for me, as a 73 year old with vision issues, to use. I am not sure who USAA consulted in making the decision to discontinue Deposit@home, but they did not consider the many retirees in their customer base. Please restore Deposit@Home forthwith!

Many of the comments regarding the retirement of Deposit at Home are due to security concerns, of using our mobile app vs website via home computer.

Please know, that our members information, privacy & security is a top priority concern to us. We have processes in place via phone, chat, website and mobile.

Here is some information that may assist with any security concerns you may have.

Take a look at each tab within these pages. 



I hope this helps to put your mind at ease. Have a great weekend. ~ Lori C

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@ wrote:
I am not sure who USAA consulted in making the decision to discontinue Deposit@home, but they did not consider the many retirees in their customer base. Please restore Deposit@Home forthwith!

They don't consult with anyone but the bean counters and have no regard for elderly or disabled.



In the message is this line:


"USAA is committed to providing you with exceptional service."


Yet they continue to take services away.  This was one of the key advantages.  You didn't have to use an extremely insecure and risky process (your phone) to deposit a check.





Add my name to those very unhappy with the termination of Deposit@home.


It provides and easy way for me to keep track of previously deposited checks, and is a lot simpler, for me, than using a smart phone, camera, etc.


But I suppose this just adds to previous issues with customer service, long waits on hold, changing access methods (OFX). If this keeps up, you'll have another long-term (45+ year) customer leaving.


I'm in the same boat and will be moving my business to another provider (not just banking).  I have been a 32+ year member.  I used to comment to coworkers about how great USAA customer service was, but for more than 5 years the USAA customer service has continually been dropping.  I'm either on hold for 20+ minutes or when I try to use the automated phone system to review my checking account activity (since USAA will no longer allow me to drill down to my checking account on their website) it keeps skipping/repeating/starting over like an old record.

I feel the same and more intensely disgusted with USAA, eliminating Deposit @ Home Service, what makes them think that Mobile banking is safe and eligible to everyone? on the contrary I don't ever do any Mobile banking with any of my bank accounts and I only use my PC at home to do banking. USAA services get more and more pathetic! I have no other way to deposit money into this bank checking account anymore, and my cell phone is not safe or functions well for this type of transaction! From now on I am going to use other online banking accounts that I have a checking account with, and slowly but surely I will get rid of all the services I have with USAA!  they responded to me as "oh sorry for the inconvenience" well the inconvenience is going to be yours as you will have less money from me to accrue interest from - Sickening! getting rid of depositing checks from home, whoever heard of such thing.

Hello @Rickster7097. Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the discontinuation of Deposit@Home. I have forwarded this feedback for further review. -Colleen


How long do you think it will be before we hear the results of this review?



Don't hold your breath.

@Ron1234, I understand that you are unhappy with the upcoming retirement of Deposit@Home on September 15, 2021. Your feedback has been elevated. Please allow some time for a thorough review of the situation. ~DC