I am utterly and completely frustrated w USAA and their complete incompetence in the handling of shipping me a new debit card in an emergency. The necessity arose due to very clear and obvious online fraud that had occurred the previous month. On a side note, it was shocking to me that, despite all USAA”s security safeguards, I didnt receive one single alert ( text or email) regarding the fraud. Nevertheless, the scammers were able to buy over $600 worth of online purchases before I noticed the charges on my statement. The good news is USAA did reimburse me very quickly. Now the nightmare begins. At the time of the original fraud discussion on 2/6/20, the cust service agent informed me that a new card would be express delivered to me within 1-2 business days. I then stated I was currently overseas ( aren’t a large part of their customers military stationed abroad?) , and that I would need the card sent here -I did understand it might take a few extra days. I then asked when i could get a tracking number so that i could follow up w the courier. Well , its now 2/12, and a card hasnt even been shipped despite numerous overseas calls ( at my expense) and online chats. Every agent gives me some different excuse..the latest being “i should call Fedex and ask them why their international flights are delayed...huh? What would i say if i called them? Just give them my name.lol. Unreal. I have no tracking number or info to blame them. At this point Im pretty much screwed as I will be paid electronically Friday and have no access to the funds. I am just completely frustrated beyond compare w USAA. No one can give me a straight answer ..just that it “normally “ doesnt take this long. What an utter customer service failure..leaving one of their members stranded abroad like this. Shame on you.


@bucfan64, I'm sorry to learn that you're a victim of fraud. I understand your frustration with not having a functioning debit card while abroad. We certainly don't want to leave you stranded. Therefore, I'm sharing your concerns with the appropriate team for review. ~DC

Customer service has become a joke at USAA!  I am also overseas and tried to buy my husband a birthday present yesterday.  AFTER I confirmed with a code USAA emailed me, USAA still declined the purchase AND froze ALL of our cards so we could not pay for anything else after that.  I called in, they did not correct it.  Later my husband tried to get gas and the cards were still frozen and I had to get on a chat to finally get someone to turn our cards back on.  I miss the old days when USAA actually cared about their customers and were not just in it for the profit.

Did you use the "out of the country" notification?


I came back to USAA because we had trouble with our PenFed card being declined when purchasing Europe base airlines.  We haven't had that problem with USAA  but if the card senses a European clearing house there is a chance it closes the door to the card.  That is unacceptable behaviour with so many world travellers.