New website format and Bill Pay

USAA - the new format for looking at checking account and credit card transactions is awful.  What was wrong with the old format?  And it seems that USAA thinks that if it is bigger (or appears bigger), it is better.    But I am excited that I finally got my checking account set up at Fidelity and I am just waiting for my checks.  I wanted to change some of my automatic payments (USAA insurance) from USAA to Fidelity, but guess what?  When you click on the link to update automatic payments, it is not working right now.  Is that one of the amazing parts of the redesign of the website?    No need to call me about the website design issue; however, I am still waiting on the follow up from the President's office (Christopher) about reimbursement of the late fee and interest charged for not getting my Target bill paid on time through Bill Pay - it has been over a week.     


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