I opened a new insurance bill today - you know, the new and improved one.  I was curious, how does going from a one sheet of paper bill to a three sheets of paper bill make it better?  And the best part of the bill, you have to look on the  back page of the first page of the bill to find out that the automatic payment will be continued.  And it seems that if your payment amount does not change, you will not be receiving a monthly statement.  Did I read that correctly USAA?  


  So USAA, what part of this redesign is "better"? 


@NSueZ- Hi, your feedback about the newly designed insurance bill will be shared with our Voice of the Member team for consideration. We aim for the bill to be easier to read and we appreciate your engagement. Our goal is to always provide quality products and superior service to all our members.  Thank you~Shawna

Really USAA I don't think the Voice of the Member team cares - it is not rocket science to look at the redesign and realize that some of the crucial aspects of the bill were not so "obvious" which I think is the point of a redesign.   Easier to read does not mean bigger letters or numbers, it means realigning information in a more beneficial manner.


I just got a notice in the mail that the HELOC statements were going through a redesign, I can't wait to see what they are going to look like.