New functions on and the USAA mobile app give you more control

Time is tight, that’s a given.


We’re always looking for ways to make it a little easier and a little faster for you to make your everyday banking transactions. So instead of logging onto and clicking through to get to what you need, we’re introducing your virtual assistant on


• Virtual assistant now available on – USAA’s virtual assistant has been available on the USAA mobile app since 2013 and can now be used on The virtual assistant can respond to 250 questions and commands regarding insurance, credit and debit cards, providing common transactions such as activating cards, changing a PIN, adding travel notifications, and reporting lost or stolen cards. The virtual assistant currently responds to 1.4 million requests per month and eliminates the need to sift through menus.


You log on to your credit card account page and click the “reach a representative” link.



New functions on and the USAA mobile app give you more control | USAA Member Community


And we’re also thinking about how you need to use your credit card …


Chances are in the next few months you’ll be spending a little extra cash than usual. Whether it be a big Christmas present like jewelry or that new flat screen TV just in time for football season, you may need access to your whole credit line right away. If you don’t often make large purchases on your card, your purchase could be flagged as potential fraud and get declined. To keep your account as secure as possible while giving you quick access, we’re adding notifications of large purchases on the USAA mobile app.


• Notification of large purchases – Members can now use the mobile app to notify USAA in advance of making large purchases. This feature ensures that transactions are not flagged as fraud and that funds are available for purchases up to a member’s available credit limit. The new function saves members a phone call when they buy big ticket items like jewelry, holiday gifts, or home improvements.


You simply click on your credit card account from the USAA mobile app, select “menu,” and then select “Notify USAA of a Large Purchase” from the card services section.


New functions on and the USAA mobile app give you more control | USAA Member Community


New functions on and the USAA mobile app give you more control | USAA Member Community


We’re excited about offering these new options to give you more control over your money. Give them a try and let us know what you think!



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I really enjoy the continued advancements. I would like to see more resources on backend to increase the speed or delivery of content. Its not on my end - superfast phone and network 1gig download. Also, the money tracker, budget and goals need some attention on continous bugs


Continue the great work and would really appreciate some advancements on my tools since we are unable to use services like mint or hellowallet



I would also like to see more post like these as well when new features are released.



Thanks for the feedback batman 23! We are always looking for ways to improve the products and services we offer our members. The information you provided us with today will assist us in future updates and enhancements we make available to our members. Thanks again!

I love the fact that you added the large purchase notification to the mobile app. Really convenient feature that makes sense!



We always appreciate members who take the time to give us their feedback on new features we add to our mobile app. Happy to know you like it! - Rhonda