I've been a USAA member for long time.  Just opened a savings account.  But strangely enough, I cannot figure out how to efficiently put money into it!  If you don't want me to put amounts in excess of $20 or $25,000 into my accounts, you are making a believer out of me.  Please assist.  Obviously mobile apps are limited and restricting my needed service.  Please resolve or tell me to close my accounts as necessary.  

Tom in one of the Reddest States in the Union NC.  USA


Hello @TM27, Thank you for trusting us with your banking needs. 

The most efficient way of depositing to your account would be through Direct Deposit. To set this up, select Set up Direct Deposit from the Account Services section located near the bottom of the page. Direct Deposits are verified funds, have no holds and we make these funds available once we receive notification of a Direct Deposit being sent, typically one business day prior to a regular payday.

Additionally you  can add a Non-USAA account to transfer from, by selecting Add an Account from the Transfers area under My Tools tab. To transfer to/from using Zelle, Register by selecting Zelle transfers on our mobile app under the Transfers tab/MENU

Mobile deposits are an option to deposit checks, some holds may apply depending on amount of deposit, average monthly balance in the account and the account history. 

For additional assistance contact our Deposit Specialists at 210-531-8722 or via Chat from HELP/Contact Us. Have a great week. ~ Lori C