I DO NOT like the new format for my checking account statements.  USAA needs to either show who listed checks are going to or attach a copy of all checks paid.  This is how it was done until recently and was less confusing.


I appreciate you providing this feedback on the new statements, @jmorse. You should be able to click on the link for the check within the transaction list to determine who the check was make payable to, if this helps. I'll forward this to the team that handles the updates in this area. - Cathleen

Jmorse,  you aren't the only who dislikes the new format!   aside from a phone call from some muckyity muck Secretary to ask about my comments in a snail mail letter to the Board of Directors, nothing has happened. To bring everyone up to date. I am sure that there is a new lump in the carpet in the meeting room where the BOD meets though.


Like we told her he BOD decided what was in our (over 13 million members) best interest. The don't care or don't bother to ask us what we would like they just go ahead and do what they please, because they know there will be nothing else for us to do except deal with it.

@xqzmepleze, thank you for voicing your feedback about the changes to the statement format. We hear you and have forwarded your concerns to the area that collects and manages that type of feedback. As much as we would like to be able to change things for you, we need to be fair to all that submit feedback and channel it accordingly. You may not see an immediate change when you voice your thoughts, but it is the process. We have multiple channels to capture feedback and we appreciate your engagement and use of this one. Thank you again for your membership. ~ Suzy