New app ruined scheduled transactions

Your updated app greatly degraded the functionality of the previous scheduled transactions- what used to be available on a single screen now requires flipping back and forth between transactions and scheduled transactions - and matching reminders to their actual transactions is more difficult it was a useful budget tool for tracking cash flow - and now it is less so.
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I have several scheduled transactions that I use to forecast cash flow for automatic savings.  These still show up when logging in from the web but not in the mobile app.  I refuse to add them in both places.  Before this latest mobile app update that was not something that I had to worry about.  I have been with USAA for ~20 years and am not testing out another bank/mobile app to move my $'s elsewhere.  I have been very reluctant to do this as I used to consider USAA one of if not the best in customer service.  That is no longer the case.  I moved my car insurance 6 months ago and it looks like other products will be following.

@Flight-Eng, Thanks for taking the time to post regarding your app experience. I've shared your comments regarding this matter to the appropriate area. 

I share the opinion that the latest iteration of scheduled transactions is NOT helpful and just makes future cash flow management more difficult. On top of that I had to re-enter all my scheduled transactions. Is there a roadmap for the banking tools so that we can see what the future of your tools are. Also, is there any way to participate in the design process to help ensure the product being designed will actually be used by customers instead of wasting time, money and energy creating something that no one wants nor uses?

I wonder if my response will even help make a change to get what we want back.  What you have said echos my thoughts exactly. We previously used USAA for our insurance needs but ended up dropping them due to better competitive pricing elsewhere, but for the longest time I always said that I would keep USAA no matter what for my banking needs because I have always been impressed with them due to the benefits they give us and the fact that their online banking was top notch. I always told people about how nice their online banking set up was. I loved the way I could organize non-usaa bank accounts, (that's gone now), I loved the scheduled transactions feature (that's modified to be useless now) I loved the budgeting features (I haven't even checked to see how that one has changed). Everything was simple and clean looking. But the point is, now that the ease of website is severely lacking and many features changed/gone I'm not sure I'm loving USAA anymore. 

@scotmsoule, your questions are exactly what I would expect from a valued member. Your feedback can be shared on almost every page of our website. On the right side of each screen, there is a "feedback" tab that you can fill out. We also share your feedback here with the appropriate team so they hear your voice. There is no roadmap but we know there will be future enhancements to the tool. Great questions!! Members feedback is the best way to participate. The member community thread is the best place to do it. Thank you. ~ Suzy

@oldsoldier1972, Thank you for taking the time to post. Your feedback regarding this matter is appreciated. Your comments will be shared with the appropriate team in an effort to improve our services. We thank you for your membership. - Ben

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