New app is a total failure

Where to start, “New Coke” “if it is not broke don’t fix it” . Please fix, a customer of 40 years and this new app debacle has me seriously considering me moving my non insurance business elsewhere. Obviously, the decision maker in this quagmire is not a regular user of the app. What a Charlie Foxtrot, I previously had a single snap shot financial picture, I now have a never ending scavenger hunt. The user experience was clearly not part of their decision making criteria. 


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Concur. New app and new coke are synonymous. Both sucked. Frustrated as the devil with this high school layout designed by somebody’s nephew. Obviously had no customer input or design input. Wander back and forth now and must recover all my routine bill payments because no one thought it might upset the customer. What a mistake

Correct.   There are worse apps out there, but USAA’s constantly changing [but always for the worse] IT products is infuriating.   A decent High School kid could do better.   The new layout causes the user to meander around, looking for data.   Linking external accounts is even worse.   After 2+ years promising the ability to link USAA account page to Victory Capital, where USAA transferred six of my accounts without my input, it finally came to pass.   Kinda-sorta!   That connectivity only shows balances: no account history; no ability to make transactions.   The only action to take is to STILL exit USAA and go over to VC.   And if you think USAA’s app/website is horrible…just have money in VC!!!   That is one skruuued up IT product.   There seems to be some universal law that banking institutions make it harder to handle your money with every update.   You should see the Thrift Savings Plan: it’s the poster child for horrible websites.