New Website is terrible

The new website is terrible! Not sure how this got past anyone. 


1. Log in home page that lists USAA accounts shows credit card balance as a negative number! In every accounting system everywhere, a negative number indicates a credit - not the amount due! When you click through to the credit card site it shows it as a balance (ie, not a negative number) but it should NEVER appear as a negative number unless you have a credit balance.

2. In order to see the items on your last statement, you have to download the actual statement! You can't just see the transactions on-line. There is a list of past transactions but they are not organized to indicate which were from the previous statement, which are transaction since last statement (etc) as every other credit card does and the USAA site use to do!

3. Once you click the "Pay your bill" button, you are taken to a text heavy, crowded page where you have to sift through to find the actual line to arrange your payment. It then takes you to at least one more text heavy page to complete the tranaction. The first time I used it, I realized later that I hadn't actually completed the transaction! How is this even possible?? The bill paying option should be the easiest, most fool-proof part of the website. And it used to be great on the USAA site - a simple, step by step process.

This website looks like it was designed 10-15 years ago! Really bad and annoying, so much so that it discourages me from using the credit card.

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This site is horrible since they changed it a few years back. Some pages are new and some are legacy. You need to fire the people that thought this mess was a good idea. So much stuff on the home page I cannot delete but have to look at when I log on. Everything is an Easter egg hunt. 

Dear @sunflowertop


Thank you for your feedback about We will log your feedback and collect it. I am sorry to hear that this will possibly lead you to discontinue using your card. - Jesse 

This "member" is correct. Bill pay should not be a "game". Every time USAA changes something--watch out for the '"game". Kill Mr. Woke and bring back Mr KISS. Stop the tricks.