New Rewards Center should auto-redeem the full credit monthly as previously done

The new credit card Rewards Center doesn’t have an option to automatically redeem the full reward credit every month like the old system did.  At best, you can set some fixed amount that will redeem when you have accumulated that much, so use some number larger than your average, so over time you will receive the credits.  Otherwise you have to go through multiple web pages to get to the redeeming options page regularly. Where is the sense in a fixed number?  Clearly they are trying to hide the credits so they get the interest earned on it as long as possible.  And why go with another company for this? It should be a USAA service.

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@Absolutely99, thank you for sharing your concerns about the recent changes to the rewards experience. This month's update will lay the foundation for future enhancements so that we can offer more options and value for the rewards our members have earned. You mentioned that you can no longer auto-redeem the full amount of your rewards balance on a monthly basis, and I can certainly understand your disappointment with this change. I will share this message with the appropriate folks at USAA. ~DC