A few weeks back we received a duplicate credit card in the mail. My card was still active & the new card had the same exact credit card number on it. I've never requested a new card and it was out of nowhere completely random. Has anyone else ever received a duplicate card with the same cc number before?


@Teeandbee, I understand that you received a replacement USAA credit card a few weeks ago. Since you did not request the card, we'd like to review the situation. I'm sharing your post with the appropriate team for review. ~DC

Well, the kicker is that the card had the same exact card number as my active one. Throughout that month we received 2 debit cards one with my name & the other with my hisbands name) for a savings account we opened for our daughter.
We shredded all of them and didn't think anything of it. Right before Christmas my credit card was declined. Apparently it was deactivated due to suspicious activity and my husband(the primary account holder) was never notified. When I called customer service they treated me like a criminal. I appreciate verifying identity, but when I'm the victim of apparent fraud, was not notified, and had just been embarrassed by a declined card, you'd think they'd be more understanding.
Come to find, my card was charged at a walmart clear across town, at 2 shell gas stations we use regularly ( and by my mistake paid at the pump most of the time). Adter disputing the transactions USAA is saying that the chip was used inside of the walmart where the transaction was made. I have the card in my possession and have since I initially received it. The only way that is possible, is that someone intercepted our mail with yet another card that was mailed to us & not requested.
And when we called to ask about the duplicate credit card that was mailed to us and why, the USAA agent said they didn't have record of any of the cards being g mailed out... so how many people out there have a copy of our cards.?!!
This is concerning and we have had debit cards mailed to us fully activated without knowledge that they came that way. I was told you had to login and lock the card, which is all well and good when you know it’s coming, but what about in this situation when you don’t?

USAA, you need to communicate better in regards to cards being sent out or when you deactivate a members card due to suspicious activity. What if that member is only carrying that one card where they are and is depending on it?
Apparently, someone intercepted our card and made charges. Luckily they were reimbursed, but it still leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth!