New Checking Account and Savings Account Statements

What used to be a concise and easy to use document to reconcile a checking account has been re-developed into a document that is TERRIBLE!!!  Not sure why it was changed and what jerk decided the new format was better.  Whoever it was obviously never balanced a checking account.  

The old format had very distinct sections - one for deposits and other credits listed in date order, the second for cleared checks listed by date and check number, the third listing other debits in date order, and then copies of checks and deposits slip.  Now all we have is a list of debits and credits in date order.  It takes twice as long to balance my check book since the data is in a poorly designed format and not user friendly.

The Performance First Savings account statement is similar and just as bad. Also, what's with the larger font on both documents.  The previous font was just fine.  I don't like the changes.  Bring the old formats back!


@IT Person, Thank you for your feedback about the new statements. I am sending your feedback to the appropriate area right now. Sorry for any inconvenience this change has caused. ~Tom

We agree with you. Why did usaa have to change the statement format anyway? I think too many employees at usaa have too much time on their hands sitting at home thinking of busy work to do. And why are the cancelled/paid checks not included in my statement anymore? Now we have to go online, look up the check, and print it out if we need to. So annoying!!!

Put the format back the way it was. Please.

Dear @Gadgetone


I thank you for sharing your feedback about the statements. We will collect your concerns and feedback about the new format. There are no plans to revert back to the previous statement format. Thanks for letting us know how you feel. - Jesse 

I agree with you 100%, but we both know this is like spitting into the wind.  Some exe. got a big bonus for this"wonderful improvement" and the folks at the top figgure our ire will blow over and to heck with the members.  I wish I had the funds to place tv adds that follow theirs how they are here to help. Let the members know that we need to raise our voices to the board and get this corrected. The prior system was easy to follow and efficient.  Glad to know I am not the only one that HATES this new format.

not just me - Sorry to hear you feel this way, but we appreciate the feedback. Your comments will help us improve future service. - Jason

So angry they removed check images. I use these every year when I am doing my taxes to figure out what I spent money on. Now I get to bother some CHAT rep with 100 check numbers and they have to manually dig through and see my purchases and I get embarassed by spending money on adult toys or whatever....How is this better for privacy or security.



@mememeG, I see that you're upset that check copies are no longer included in your account statements. I've shared your comments regarding this matter to our bank team. We continually look for opportunity to improve our products and services. Your feedback will help us do so. - Ben 

@USAA - How did USAA see these new statements as an impovement?  No separate section for the checks, no separate section for deposits and the font change is like it was done for a child.  There is no page to complete a reconciliation.   Did the brains behind the change at USAA think that members no longer reconcile their checkbooks or that people don't write checks?   Or that DITs or O/S checks don't exist?  Someone at USAA missed the point here about what a checkbook is about or that people actually do maintain their checkbooks.  Quite disappointing considering the name that matches USAA's ACH number is USAA Federal Savings BANK.     And please do not tell me that this is about safety as the ACH numbers can be obtained by an online search and account numbers are right on the statements.  

Hello @NSueZ, I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah