I noticed that the new format for the banking account details no longer shows us the scheduled payments or any manually entered payments that will be coming up. That visibility helped me to see what payments were going to draw on my checking account. Seeing things like outstanding checks, upcoming autodraws from external sources, and even payments made directly on another company's website are valueable tools in preventing overdraws. It was easy to see where an account balance could go negative.


Are there other people who noticed this change? Do you support it? 


Katie Frio - We are currently upgrading our financial tools to improve our member experience. We hope to have all financial tools like the ones you mentioned back online later this year. We appreciate your patience.- Jason

The change is horrendous. I heavily relied on being able to see scheduled transactions to see what my balance was projected to be for the next month, whether I needed to shift funds, etc. I am blown away that USAA would remove this functionality, and it's even worse that the timeframe to bring it back is "later this year".  I would recommend rolling back the changes until you are ready to launch an "upgrade" with full functionality or you will be angering a large part of your customer base.

@SGtheAwesome, I can certainly understand relying on scheduled transactions when balancing your finances. That is one of my favorite features as well. I appreciate you taking the time to express your concerns, and I've elevated your feedback to the appropriate team. Thank you for your patience while we work on this. ~Holland