New App is Trash

Why change something that works perfectly? I was able to run a budget and teach my kids how to do the same. Now I have to re-enter all my past transactions, switch back and forth between transactions and scheduled transactions. Ridiculous. Developer was obviously not an app user. Terrible customer service. Might as well go back to paper.

This seems to be the direction @USAA is going these days. 20+ years of loyal patronage and I’m considering other banks.
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Fire the developer and stop trying to "keep up" with other companies.  Instead, keep satisfied customers SATISFIED and quit changing things.

They don't understand their end-users. Their budgeting tools was one of the only reasons to keep their banking side. Now we are faced with moving our banks or risking security using third party apps.

I'm sorry to hear you feel this way, @8722screwsme - Rest assured, your feedback and comments have been forwarded to the team that's handling the redesign and technical changes. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns. I'll be happy to forward them, as well. - Cathleen

The “team” is the problem to begin with. Make the app better by undoing your “fix” and leave it alone. PLEASE. 

Same here with the budget page, not to mention all the other changes.

I used the budget often to refine my income/spending before the change and it worked just great. Now I get little circles and duplicate incomes and spending items. Unfortunately I am in the process of moving my accounts over to NFCU I had set up previously. It seems there are quite a few from the reaction of the rep. at the desk. Yes, in my area they have Brick and Mortar CU's. 

100 percent agree with you. I guess we will be taking our business elsewhere. It is sad to know that if USAA eventually decides to make any changes (back to what the customers want) that it will probably be too late by that point and they will have lost many customers in the process.


I'm sorry to know you feel this way about the latest update.


Please review click on “Learn More” to view Money Manager FAQ.

If you have additional concerns, reach our Specialists at 210-531-8722


I will share your feedback and encourage you to use the "feedback" tab, located on most of our webpages.


~ Lori C

Well, if we all leave, maybe USAA will do something and change it back rather than just forwarding messages to people who could care less.   They're the ones that changed it in the first place.

Concur completely. What a train wreck this IMPROVEMENT is. Give me a break

 Hello @Security Aware, I see that you had reached out to us previously. Please know that we have sent your concerns to the appropriate area. I will be reaching out to them on your behalf. ~Sarah