New App/Online bank account

Hello USAA and fellow members. I have to say I loved the old bank account app and online register. With this new register, it is cute but it does not display the items that the old one did. Am I missing something in the settings? Why are the transactions separated from the new reminders? The projected balance only follows the reminders and not the reminders plus the transactions. This new app needs help!
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I agree.  The revisions to the app are awful.  I relied on the old app to show the projected balance accounting for the checks you have sent on my behalf, as well as the recurring drafts you withdraw for my term life policy.  Now, these are nowhere to be seen.  Instead, I get a disjointed balance showing next months checks.  Please!  Just fix it so it’s like it was! (And find a better app programmer!)

We are sorry to hear you feel this way, but we appreciate your feedback. Your comments will help us improve future service. Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. - Jason

@Chris-CCK143, I can understand the confusion and I will be glad to forward your feedback. We appreciate you bringing your thoughts about the new platform to our attention. Thank  you. ~ Suzy