So I have a credit card with another company. I've been with them for about 15 0r 20 years. I recently forgot a payment... easy as that. Just forgot. In the period that I've been with them, I never missed one. Not one payment. 


They charged me a $140 late fee and dropped my credit limit. All for missing one payment. In the two months since this happened, I have paid nearly $2000, just to bring the balance down.


I'm disgusted but what can I do? I know of no company that will transfer my balance, as it's rather large, but I no longer want to be associated with this bank and their ridiculous policy. 


Also, this is my only credit card.


Any advice would help, especially how to close this account and move my balance.






@ChiefQM, I regret to hear about the fees you were charged by your credit card company due to the late payment. I can understand why you would be seeking to transfer the balance to a new card and appreciate you considering USAA. I recommend that you first check to see if you have any offers from us. You can check offers on by clicking the yellow drop down arrow by your name then "My Offers". If no offers exist you can then go to the Products tab and click on Credit Cards to review the cards we have to offer. Please keep in mind your credit limit and Annual Percentage Rate will be determine after a credit card application is submitted. If an account is approved you will have the ability to transfer a balance to the account. Please note, fees may apply to the balance transferred. If you have any additional questions you can call us at 1-800-531-8722 for assistance. Thank you. - Rhonda 

@ChiefQM, Chief most if not all financial institutions assess late fees if you don't pay a bill on time, especially if you carry a high monthy balance on a credit card. It's not the company's fault that you have a high balance on your credit card. They're not the ones that used the card. The disclosure agreement we all receive with those credit cards are pretty clear. Late fees (interest) can be quite a bit on credit cards, especially on high balances. Just because you've been with a financial institution for a period of time doesn't mean they'll go out of their way. Many members here have been with USAA for 30+yrs and run into the same challenges. Many thought their longevity would get them extra benefits just to find out that it isn't so. Banks/credit card companies have to protect themselves and other members. They do that by reducing their exposure to financial risk. You might want to consider paying your entire balance off and not use it. The current climate with COVID-19 and higher unemployment doesn't help. There are no guarantees that USAA will extend credit. A lot of members have seen their credit limits reduced even without balances on their cards. They're going to look at credit reports, payment histories, etc. Hope things work out for you.