I just made a huge conversion of IRA's/TSP and Investments into the a new USAA managed account.  My credit card just got snagged somehow and had to switch credit cards.  The new version of Quicken 2014 has really started to intermix my down loaded accounts, so I just need to start over.  


I would acrchive the version I have been using but want to know how to best make sure I have a clean slate with these new accounts.  I would like to capture the history of those accounts still open and half way accurate.  


Please help me find a link or help to get the done.  I have to leave home soon for duty all summer and don't want to leave it a confusing mess for my wife.







Your post has similar elements to another USAA Member Community Member's post. Click on the folllowing LINK to see some advice which I gave to him which also may help you in your current situation.


HELP: Quicken OFX Download Scrambles Quicken Accounts After Credit Card Swap


ALSO you might want to view this EXTERNAL LINKS for additional help.


I hope I have provided you some guidance relative to your question.


Yes, I had read that one before I thought to ask for help.  I have searched the Quicken site and it is very generic.  


I may look into some other programs your company supports, and just export the data and upload what I need.  









1. Quicken has the ability to IMPORT Comma-Separated-Value (CSV) files using a third-party software created by a Quicken user.


  • Read this Quicken Community Posting: New version of ImportQIF with more advanced features

  • Here is a quote from the mentioned post:


    The newest version of ImportQIF adds the advanced features of automatically importing the converted QIF file into Quicken and also to convert from OFX (MS Money),  CSV,  XLS/XLSX (Excel) files into QIF files.  Please note that at present conversions from OFX are not supported for investment accounts.  Furthermore, OFX to QIF conversion is not supported on liability accounts.


2. Here is a related USAA Member Community Post: HOW TO Download USAA Account Activity to Microsoft Excel which will show you how to EXPORT account activity to a CSV file which you can then import into Quicken (using ImportQIF).


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