Looked for a place on USAA.com to comment but couldn't find it.


Following is a request/constructive criticism for the USAA banking website.

I would love to have more information available to me when I'm viewing my tranactions.  Specifically as follows:  Transfers:  Please, please, please add information on where an incoming transfer is coming from, or which account an outgoing going to. (the last few digits of the account number would be so helpful).  As it is now, when I see a transfer in my account summary, I have no way of knowing who sent that transfer (I have a few family members who are able to transfer into my account) and if I'm the one who did the transfer out, I have no way of seeing which account it went out to (I have multiple family members to whom I can transfer money) - as a very busy single mom I often can't remember months later when I finally get around to reconcilling my account.  This is important information that should be recorded both online and in monthly statements.  The last few digits of each account number involved is all that would be required.


Dear NorCalMom,

This is great feedback. Thank you for taking the time to post your suggestion. I have made sure our banking partners take a look at your idea for improving the information around transfers!


Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Thank you!