My ex husband sent me child support from Chase bank to Usaa. He does it every month for 8 years. Well in August the money was sent to the wrong account number by one number. Him and I have been going back and forth with both banks since Aug 4th, the day the money was sent, and both banks have been saying different things. So today I called again like I have been for about every 3 days since August 4th and they told me that the other person that account that the money has went into has already spent the money and their is nothing I can do, that I am just screwed out of my child support. I am a single mom barely making it pay check to pay check as you can see by my account I have $1.12 in there until I get paid on the 1st of nov. This is my child's money. And if money just magically showed up in my account and I spent it I would have to pay it back. Usaa was suppose to put the funds on hold the first time I called August 4th until the matter was resolved and they told me that no one did and their is nothing that can be done. Please help me get my money back. I understand the money was sent to the wrong account and it was a accident and USAA was notified immediately and they did not put the money on hold as they told me they were until it was resolved. Please help


Audigoo, I'm sorry to hear of this mishap. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention and allowing the opportunity to research this for you. Thank you for taking my call today. Best to you, ~ Lori

youll get no resolution, i did