Last year I fell behind. I rented an apartment far from home and shortly after, lost my job. During this time, I established about $3000 worth of credit card debt that I could not pay. (I know, not smart) Most of these credit cards are closed and in collections now. Now i make 3000$ a month. I have a truck note at $600, a car note at $350, and insurance at $250, plus rent and extras. My credit score is at 475 and I need to fix it. What do I do?


Hi ashbomac,


Thank you for reaching out to us in Community. I would recommend giving our Financial Improvement Team (FIT) a call. FIT helps members with Debt Management, budgeting and building and maintaining good credit. If you would like to speak to this team, please call (800) 245-9360 between the hours of 8am-6pm central time. Best of luck to you.

Take a DAVE Ramsey course. Get rid of the truck, don,t buy any thing you can't eat. Go on a diet of rice and beans.