I am new at this so please forgive my inadequacies. Since my 'name' is on this board, does this mean l am registered? 

I have a couple of questions. Amazon  continually sends me bills for video and music, even tho l have had no account with  them for some time now. The bill goes directly onto the credit card and is paid automatically, so l have a dispute each time .   I've written. called, etc,. to no avail. Been happening for months. How can I get them  to stop?

Secondly, l tho't l saw a section somewhere  that allowed one to list their disputes rather than, or as well as, report them in the form that USAA provides. If this rings a bell, could you let me know where l can find it? Those little forms don't quite fit  the 'bill', if you know what l mean.  --fran


TX1939 - Thanks for messaging. While we cannot address this directly via social media, it sounds like you may need to call or chat to dispute the charges and place a stop payment for future charges. I hope this information is helpful. - Jason