I was wondering why USAA Charges its users a NSF Fee, even when the bank does not advance you the money. Where does the NSF go or get used for? I only ask because I trust you with all my money and in turn you take a ridiculous amount of money for not having enough money and make it seem like its normal.


Mainly as a deterrent, I would expect.
It's like a fine for the overdraft . Used to it was much worse . They never covered the overdraft . It was a 25 fine to the bank and to the person you wrote the check to plus the amount of the check . If it went thru twice and still didn't go thru it cost 100.00 plus the check . The way around it is to have a line of credit or a savings account connected to your account .
It's very normal all banks and credit unions do this. I think the fee can be 35-50 now.
But what are you paying for? It's funny how people say oh it's normal or it should be more. Maybe my thinking is all jacked up but I still think its profit for misfortune. The only reasons these banks have jobs is because of us. You deposit your money into their accounts and they use it for what ever and it's still not enough. Let's punish our customers for not having a line of credit or too low of a balance.
Banks make money by taking the money you put into it and lending it out to someone else for a higher interest rate than they're paying you. That's why they don't charge for banking services. Try want you to be part of that puzzle. So, yes, unfortunately, they're not going to bend over backwards to support you keeping such a low balance that you overdraw. You're not the one "giving them a job" as you put it. I'm not trying to be mean. But it's a business and that's how it works.
They would not be in business if it wasn't for our money.

One reason banks charge a NSF is to discourage people from overdrawing their account,  Many banks including USAA will normally reimburse the fee if asked (as a courtesy) for an isolated incident.  In cases where there is consistent pattern of overdrawing the account attempts, they can and will close the account.

"Maybe my thinking is all jacked up but I still think its profit for misfortune."


Attempting to spend more than is in your account has more to do with responsibility than misfortune.  Nobody is perfect and mistakes will happen sometimes, which is why they will courtesy reimburse an isolated case. 



Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate all the feedback on here from members, I hope it has answered your question in regards to NSF fees. If you do have any other questions, I would suggest you give our bank a call at: 1-800-531-8722, and they will be able to assist you. Thank you.