My husband received his pay today through direct deposit with USAA. I made a schdeuled payments for today as well.

This is my concern, if a pay check is deposited weekly and scheduled payments either paid from USAA or through ACH why was a payment rejected even through the funds are there?


My experience before was my funds were deposited by 7am Pacific time my account didn't have enough for my transaction I scheduled that day of the deposit because the EFT happened before the deposit which was exactly at 00:01 or 12:01am that morning. So it's best if you schedule for the day after plus sometimes direct deposit are sometimes still show as pending even when they are there. I hope this helps or is similar to what happened. Still a great bank.
If it is an automatic payment that is scheduled Francisco is correct. These payments are processed at 12:01am in my experience. So if it is scheduled the same day you expect to receive your direct deposit there could potentially be an issue.

Now of course once the deposit is available and you confirm the available amount is correct you can manually complete the bill pay for that day and it should be fine.