I would never recommend this company to anyone especially my military comrades. While on vacation our house had a pipe burst. Much of our property was damaged and we were renters with usaa renters insurance. First obstacle was getting out property damage settlement. We waited and waited until we finally decided to call. We were told we had to have a bank account in both our names with usaa to get the settlement. We had no choice but to bank with them. The account was opened some time before 07/10/14. On the 10th was when the settlement was finally deposited. I can't recall the date of the opening of the account but I did speak with usaa and they informed me I would get my new debit card in 7-10 business days. My husband deploys and I move to TX. I've recently quit my job for the move so I'm in need of these funds. I call a couple times to confirm the address and both times it was correct. Both calls I was told it should get there any day now. At this point I am in need of my funds so I start doing wire transfers. First one I waited 3 days and nothing went through so I call and they say "oh there's something on our end we need to push through" and I get it the same day I called. Next few days I do another wire transfer but I call after a few hours to make sure it went through without issues. I was told "we don't see any transfers initiated" luckily I had the confirmation number and she magically found it. I stressed how uncomfortable I feel doing the wire transfers when I hear things like "oh I don't see it" . I was transferred to checking accounts where they initiated adding my BOA account so I can transfer whenever. I was told it would take up to 3 business days to start transferring money directly to my BOA. I was irritated but I wasn't in he'll yet. Just found out today that I had to verify ownership. Good ol USAA only half way explaining things. He'll came when it was well over 7-10 business days. More bills needed paid so I did another wire transfer since for some strange reason my BOA was not added as an account in USAA. I called to check on my card and low and behold "oh you should be getting it tomorrow" I had enough at this point. I strongly expressed my displeasure to the rep. The Rep informed me that the card was not sent out until the 15th and he didn't know why. I strongly hate hearing the answer "I don't know" from a million dollar company. He assured me I would get it Friday and confirmed the address again with me. Just as expected no card on Friday. I have lost all faith in anything this company tells me at this point. I call again and go through this entire story for the 5th time with usaa. Believe it or not I'm told "it should get there Monday". Unbelievable. Of course I don't believe that and I demand another card be expedited. He tells me "it will be 8.00 to expedite." You know I really don't appreciate the insult to my intelligence thus far. I apologize to the young rep but I let him have it. All my frustration with USAA was released on this guy. He even has more interesting things to say about my card. There is no apartment number in the shipping address. Wow! Although the address was confirmed to me 3 times before the apartment number magically disappeared. I hate that I have no control of this and can only believe and rely on what I'm being told. This is the only assurance I have. As unhappy and not confident in USAA I am at this point I have to do what they say. I feel like a prisoner rather than a customer. I don't feel valued. My husband is deployed and if that isn't hard enough you have made this time away from him all the more miserable. Oh I forgot to mention I was charged for the last wire transfer which I was told would be waived while my husband is deployed. Also was not told that I could only have 3 wire transfers so now I'm stuck until Monday to have to call to beg for my own money. USAA is an absolute joke. I have never hated any company ever like this. The fact is we are just numbers to you not real people. Our problems don't matter to you. Get us off the phone quickly is all that matters.


That is hortible. I pray things are better now.
This doesn't surprise me I myself am a renter and while being a member I was denied F I V E claims for floods that occurred in my home I even gave them my landlord phone then after speaking to a supervisor who then awarded my claim the same person who had denied it in the beginning was given my claim to complete it and of course that did not happen so I called before being granted and while on the phone the person who answered processed the claim but the amount was off by a lot and after all this they charged me for money that didn't even come from the ATM when I try to retrieve cash but I'm truly a hated women because it took me 30 years to receive VA benefits and still waiting on retro money but I had to comment because now I know I'm not alone.


We're sorry to hear about what happened and would like to have a specialist research your situation. Please email [Removed Link] with your member number and contact information. We hope to hear from you soon. 

This is a sad story. It does not suprise me. Since 2005, the level of service has taken a MAJOR decline. I remember when my mother-in-law moved across country and a representative called her just to make sure that she was ok, and the move was sucessful. She is in her 60's with health issues, and that made me feel pretty good. Just recently my wife passed away, and they were cold, heartless, and seemed as if they could careless if we had a dime to our name. All they wanted was their FEE's and documentation. I was then reminded who I just called. It was not the USAA I remember, it was just another BANK! Ask anyone who survived WW2 how much they loved the banks when they came home and their houses were forclosed on.

If they want people to fall back in love with them they need to remember the "good 'ole days", when people mattered most. I remember when I boasted about being a member. Not anymore. Just saying.