I would just like to tell my experience with USAA Banking. First, They tell me I've been a customer for 10 years but actually, we've been a customer for a lot-lot longer, but that doesn't matter except I do speak from experience.. I have found that most of my issues with banking problems are my own fault, USAA has been patient listening to me rant and rave over the years and never losing their cool. There have been times I was right and it was their mistake and they have corrected it , and there have been times I was right and they did not, but very few.  Monday I decided to cyber shop some sales with walmart.com and how it happened I don't have a clue, but my order was taken, my money was put into that bottomless void of " PENDING" and then my order was canceled, ( not by me). I contacted walmart.com and was informed that my bank had stopped the transaction due to possible fraud, I thanked them and hung up. I called USAA and informed them of the situation and asked them what happened and was told they released the funds, they didn't stop it and had no idea what they were talking about. I called walmart.com back and needless to say went around and around with them and was told USAA had done this not them. I kept calling and asking both for my money back, USAA even went on three way call for over 30 minutes trying to get my money back without success. I had a knot in my stomach, a husband demanding action and and almost 700. in limbo..I have to say everyone at both places were very conciderate and never lost their cool with me but that didn't help me. The manager I finally spoke with at walmart was very short with me but never out right rude and insisted it was USAA.  Thursday morning I called USAA once more almost in tears and spoke to Mrs. LouEtta and she  was a "SAINT", she asked me to do three way once more and managed to get it fixed. I don't know what she did different but I just can't thank her enough. I know we all have horror stories and sometimes it is USAA's fault but remember, it happens at every bank. We had went through three seperate banks before USAA,  They were small local banks and as they were bought out our troubles started, and we would move to the next, until USAA. we've stuck with them and for the majority of the time we are happy, sometimes my insurance causes me stress but there again it is usually my fault.  I just want to say "Thanks", to everyone who was there for me during this time- Mrs. LouEtta and my California native man who stayed on the phone with me over 30 minutes 3 way calling (watch that elevator music). Thanks again.


Mean Maw,


Yikes! What a frustrating and so very stressful situation that must have been. Thank you for informing us of the outcome. I am very happy to hear that it has all been resolved, and you received the proper service. We hope to see more of you here in Community!

I am going through the exact situation now... Only different my money has been in limbo for 6days now and I've been getting the run around from both USAA and Wal-mart. I must say that I am beyond irritated at this point. I'm to the point where I never want to shop at Wal-Mart again. I've been a member with USAA since 2006 and this may just be the straw...


 hang in there, call USAA and ask them to do a three way call with walmat and get walmart to give them an approval code to release your money. Don't give up Hope and don't give in to anger( I know easier said than done) USAA are caught just like we are.By law walmart can hold your funds for so many days but I'm not sure how many. USAA can also arbertrate the purchase too. Good Luck, you have a cheering section......



Thank you for letting us know what is going on. I have passed this along to the bank and they will be reaching out. Thank you.

It wasn't USAA,  the money goes back into your account the second USAA is told that it is refunded.   Walmart's credit card processor is at fault on that one.  (It is almost always NOT the customer's bank's fault in these cases) 


Of course they are allowed some time to credit you, but still it is a pain in the neck.