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Does USAA still provide Members with their credit scores on We can't find now under search.

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Hello @ctkrier and thank you for reaching out to us. You can view your FICO score if you have a USAA credit card. Select the credit card account and select "See Your Score" on the right-hand side of the page. ~Sarah 

Perhaps it did under the old app, but I can’t find it on either of my USAA cards.  Not under menu, either.

PaulH, I'm happy to help. If you are on the USAA app, launch, Click on your credit card, Select Menu, scroll down to Account Services and tap on View My Credit Score. Tricia

I'm not sure about anyone else's account, but when I perform the instructions above that Social Service gives, it's not showing for me either. The only items I get are "Budget, Spending, Trending, and Show More/Less". There is no Account Services. Please enlighten me.  And of course, I tried to download a snippet of the area and it wouldn't do it, even in a small photo.

@PaulH, what happens when you select your USAA credit card account? You should see "See Your Score" on the right-hand side of the page. ~DC

I would like to show you, but this will not download a photo I took of the right side. Nowhere does it show "See Your Score" or account services anywhere.

@oldesoldier, please try the USAA website. You should be able to see your FICO score when you select either one of your credit cards from the USAA website. ~DC

I did finally find this…on the full website, but not on the App.   Of course, it is outdated, so useless.   The score came from Experian’s FICO 3, not from their supposedly standard FICO 8.   The score displayed was from Experian’s data dated July 2022.   I receive monthly updates from Experian as USAA initially provided that service until USAA no longer provided it…yet another case of lowering member support.  The score on USAA’s page differs greatly from Experian’s score due to that time lag.   To be useful in checking credit issues, we still must go to one of the agencies; log on; search for whatever we need; and to keep it updated, we must now pay a monthly service fee.   There are some members who don’t think tracking credit scores and credit reports is needed.   But not doing so makes us vulnerable to fraudulent acts.   In 2021, I found a credit enquiry [hard hit] by the US Small Business Administration [SBA] for a small business loan application: an application I didn’t make.   Of course, Experian is my least favorable agency: they lowered my score years ago for not paying my truck loan, which is understandable.   But not only did I not have a truck loan, I didn’t have a truck; “my residence” was an address in a city where I didn’t live [then or now]; and the name on the loan was not my name.  So I advise other members to check their credit scores and credit reports…with more than just Experian.  

I did, but couldn’t find it.   Of course, I was on the app…which everyone agrees sucks pondwater.  I tend to use the app. = worse than useless, because it came with expectations of usefulness.


@LTC-MH, I'm sorry to learn the USAA Mobile App has not been useful for you. I'd like to share your feedback. Can you elaborate on what you do not like or would like to see? ~DC