I recently received a letter from USAA siding with the mercant on a credit card dispute.  While the dispute was being investiaged, I uploaded doucmentation on their website providing them with regular updates.  I even called into ask for advise from USAA on whether it would be safe to return the merchandise to the merchant overseas without insurance as instructed by the merchant. However, nobody bothered to return a phone call


In the documentation they sent me, advsing me that they were ruling in favor of the merchant, they indicated that they never received the appraisal, they requested; which was uploaded to their website and later confirmed as received.  This information was received by USAA 5 months before they rendered a final decision. The appraisal shows that the merchant charged almost double what the jewlery was worth.


Since I received their determination letter in January 2016, I have left several message for someone to call me back. However, I am unable to get a reply or a supervisor, I even mailed in 19 pages of documentation, which has previously been uploaded to their site in an attemp to establish my case.


I have been a member of USAA for over 26 years and up to now the service was excellent, I would have expected them to work closely with me on this matter, but they have ignored me.


I really hope they are not heading downward with regards to customer service. Maybe, I have to investigate other credit card companies who pride themselves on excellent and responsive customer service.


Dear MR MD,

Thank you for taking the time to share the details of your dispute. Your situation has been escalated for further review and a member service representative will be reaching out to you personally. Thank you