i was working on my budget section this am with no issues. But for some reason it wont save any changes i add this afternoon. Anybody have this issues and did you resolve i?


Does the spent/budgeted stay at $0? If so, follow these steps:
Click Edit Budget
Click Spending Accounts to Track
Don't do anything on this box except click Return to Personalize Budget
Click Save Budget..

If this is not the issue, email Website Customer Support and report the issue in a step by step process of how you reached the issue.
Hope this helps!

Thanks for your feedback. I am attempted to follow the information but had no luck in resovimg the issues. I emailed usaa with detail issues with lots of screenshot



I have passed your comment on to Richard our my budget expert, we would like to reach out personally to talk about the issues you are seeing.

No Problem. I also sent the information @ usaa.com and there is a ticket open.

I am still have this issue of the budget tool not saving. Any suggestions