I am using the USAA Budget tool and for some reason this month it is calculating my credit card payments as debts to my checking account.  The charges on the credit cards that are being paid are already accounted for previously in the budget tool by having my Credit Cards connected.  I am essentially being dinged double for anything that I put on my credit cards, once when I charge it, and once when I pay it.  What happened this month to cause that?


This is not the only problem with the Budget Tool.  I brought this and other errors to their attention over  6 months ago and the only thing that has happened is that some CS rep sends me some meaningless boilerplate about IT working on the problem.  After 6 mnths they are now working "diligently." ROLF

Management at USAA likes their IT staff to work on revising the user interface not correcting programing errors.

Don't expect this to ever get fixed.

Hi AdamT,

I have asked a budget tool expert what they advise to remedy your credit card payments. I will post an update when I get one. Thank you!

Hi AdamT,

Here is what the expert found:


"AdamT had a payment to his credit card and a payment reversal on 12/04.  The reversal is what caused the member’s budget to appear to double count the member’s credit card transactions.  I changed the category of the payment reversal to “Other Income” so that it is also ignored from the member’s budget."



Please let me know if your budget is not reflecting correctly. Thank you!