It's been ten days now since I've discovered the new budgeting tool that replaced the spending plan. I have already expressed my disappointment with the changes as the budgeting tool is practically useless. As no changes have been made to the tool and with no indication that the spending plan will be brought back I am forced to go elsewhere. 10 days of not being able to follow my monthly spending plan has been an inconvenience. appears to offer a very user friendly, comprehensive, sensible budgeting app that will allow me to resume tracking my spending appropriately. I would like to be able to keep all of my accounts and financial planning with a company that supports Veterans but unfortunately I am not able to do so. USAA could not offer me the lowest rate on my car loan, now this, it seems more and more I am forced to do business elsewhere.


I use usaa budget tools and hellowallet. Hellowallet provides features that usaa doesn't offer. But using both seems to work for me.

I agree.  The changes to the USAA tool are AWFUL.  It is now a horrible tool.  I am closing my business with USAA over this, and moving to MINT and banking elsewhere.  Horrible work USAA.


Thank you for taking the time to comment again on the budgeting too. I apologize for the frustration the tool has caused you. The fixes to the tool are still a work in progress. I have passed along your feedback to the appropriate area.

With regard to, why does USAA block account access for Mint tools? This started for me about 1 year ago.


USAA has long had a "Kill Quicken" internal strategy, but this move to prevent us from accessing our USAA account information through our accounts is really... petty.


Can we get a response on why USAA is blocking access?

I too would like to know when/if I'd be able to connect my account with Mint. It's the only bank I've ever had that doesn't work with Mint.

I just started using Mint a few months ago. My USAA accounts work fine.

I too am having the same issue using Mint.  USAA please address this issue!  The site worked fine for me upto 9/27/2014 but since has not been able to update.  I know it connects because Mint prompts me to answer security questions but then never updates.  This is really frustrating....


Thanks for taking the time to send this information. We'll make sure it gets escalated to the appropriate area. If you'd like to share any additional details, please send them here.

I am having these same issues! I hope it gets resolved soon.