I just PCS'd to England on Saturday. I am not near any US locations. I just opened a British bank account today to set up Internet,phone, etc. looking at the USAA website, they say they only wire transfer money to US or APO accounts. Is there any way I can transfer into my British Account?


I have sent international wire transfers to Europe for a number of years.  The service is very efficient but there may be a fee for each transfer.  There is quite some information required for an international transfer.  You should speak to USAA bank if you are interested.  I established a "template" which was saved at USAA so I would not have to give the detailed instructions each time.  I would also recommend, based on the cost, that you consolidate needs so you minimize the cost.  There could also be costs on the receiving end by the UK bank.


There are alternatives available such as PayPal which may be cheaper.  Suggest you do a search for international wire transfers.

I too just pcs'd to England..and advice you could provide?..banking and what not?