I have been approved for a mortgage and am in the final stages of closing and asked USAA for help due to the fact that i live in NYC and property purchasing is in Florida, being unable to travel with my family for the signing and not being able to find a noatry in my town due to panic and quaretine USAA wants to charge me a rate penalty for extending my rate for my loan? i can walk away from loan with no penalty but after all the paper work given and stress aquiring gathering paperwork,

USAA says there to help how!!!!! I being penalized for an epidemic that is causing choas in everyones life? what should i do? So i walk away from loan or who can i talk to for help can anyone offer any guidance?


@Tony Del, I am sorry to hear about your current situation and understand you have concerns about the loan and the possibility of a penalty. I will send your concerns to the appropriate team for further review. Thank you. - Rhonda 

Hi Tony, we have sent your concerns to your processor's manager to review and address with you directly. Thank you for contacting us.