Just a question in-regards to mortgage and personal loan payments that can be affecting by the current corona virus, and results of not being able to make payments?


Hello Huero1. Thank you for your post, and we hope you and your family are not greatly impacted during this time. Regarding your USAA mortgage, we ask that you contact your mortgage loan servicing company who manages payments for your loan. They have full discretion on any option to provide our members and are currently in the process of determining additional options. Please let us know if you need confirmation on who is your loan servicer. Your post is being forwarded to our personal loan team for additional information. Thank you.

@Huero1, thank you for reaching out. USAA is currently offering special programs for consumer loans. If you have been financially impacted by the Corona Virus National Emergency, please call us at 210-531-8722 or chat with us. From the USAA website, you can chat with us by selecting "Reach a Representative", "Contact USAA" or "Ask USAA". From the USAA Mobile App, you can select "Help" and then "Get Contact Options". ~DC