At the end of last month I was preapproved for a mortgage through USAA. I went through the whole process of finding a house, put in an offer, paid out the money to USAA for the appraiser and even more money for the inspection and other fees totaling around 1000$. Today I get a phone call and was told they cannot offer me a VA loan due to some things on my credit from 6 years ago but they could do a traditional loan. I said okay and the woman I spoke with called me a few hours later to tell me that USAA no longer offers traditional loans. So now I’m sitting here with an upset wife and children because we lost the house that we were buying and now I have to find somewhere else to live because my landlord is going to be doing construction on the house we currently live in. So thanks for screwing me I will be finding a new bank and new insurance company. I’ve been with you guys for over 13 years and this is how you guys repay a loyal customer and vet.


I went through my Real Estate Agent who hooked me up with Veterans United Home Loans (VAHL) and received a VA Loan in November 2018.  Recently, in March 2020 I was approached again with VUHL and was offered a loan REFI for several hundred dollars less which I just closed on this month (6/2020).   The best thing was I closed on my first loan while I was on vacation....they never stopped communicating with me the WHOLE TIME and they sent the closing folks on my current loan directly to my house!