Closed my mortgage refinacing in May 2020.   

First they forgot to pay may property taxes for July 2020 and I have a Lien agains me from the State. Call the Mortgage help line took 2 calls to get a straight answer, basicly said 3-5 days before they can make a payment as it is sub contracted from Mr Cooper.  USAA sub contacts Mr. Cooper to manage my loan, Mr. Cooper subs my taxes out to an un-named party.  I asked will I get the info removed from my credit report and who pays the late fees.  Mr. Cooper  reprsentive said that is the Tax Sub Contractor should pay it.  Not very insuring words and too many different companies playing with my mortgage. 


Second: As i understand Mr Cooper or USAA sold the Note of my Mortgage but still managed by USAA(Really Mr Cooper) and I keep getting payment and intrest on my statement applied then reversed then applied again.  This makes it very hard to track everything is correct with my payments and my mortgage. 


Stay away from USAA Mortgage untill they Dump Mr Cooper.

For the First time I am not a happy USAA Customer...




Drew73 - This is not the kind of experience we wan for you or any member. I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason

They finally posted that they paid my Taxes today.. (on 29 July 2020) due 1 July.

This does not mean it has posted with the prooerty tax office yet.
27 Aug 2020 - Well I was surprised today with a call from a USAA employee who stated he worked directly for the CEO of USAA. He seemed genuine about wanting to fix the issue I had. I hope USAA does improve mortgage services for everyone.
My local property tax office dismissed / Wave the interest and late fees on my taxes Luckily.

I will give them a chance to make this right and improve this service...



Thank you for taking the time to follow up and share your experience. We are looking forward to further updates. Thanks again!

Drew,   I am not sure that USAA has sold your note - call USAA and call Mr. Cooper and ask for a copy of your note.  One of them MUST be able to produce it (if USAA sold it to Mr Cooper then Mr Cooper is required to have the note).    It is my understanding that USAA holds the mortgages but outsourced all the servicing.  And mistakes like property taxes not getting paid should not happen.  USAA will deflect to Mr Cooper and vice versa.  Ultimately IMO it is USAA that is responsible because they hire the vendor to perform a service.  It is that simple (or should be). 

   And if you are reading this USAA, YES Nationstar (our servicer who is related to Mr Cooper) royally screwed up the servicing on our loan - I was on top of it though because I was tracking the mortgage to the penny (I still track it to the penny today as I don't trust them ONE bit).  And to this day USAA still hold the note on our home unless something has changed and we have not been notified.  But I just may call after this second tax season is done and ask USAA to provide it to me again just to see if they can actually locate it. 

   I am sure I sound like a broken record, but our family's absolute worse experience with USAA was the refinancing of our house and then to add some salt to the wound, the subsequent transition of our mortgage servicing to Nationstar.     Fiasco, Fiasco, Fiasco