My experince with the Mortgage Processors in Dec 2016 was very disappointing. 

 I emailed the supervisor regarding my experince and I have not received any response. I have been a USAA member for several years and this is not the way I expetcted my first mortgage application with the company to turn out. I was lied to about certain things during the process and my closing date was changed more than once the second time without my knowledge causing me to pay additional travel and lodging cost that I did not prepare for. I was PCSing with three children at the time during the Christmas season and USAA  Mortgage processing team made it the most difficult home buying experince and almost caused my kids and I to be movign during the Christmas holiday, If it hadnt been for the Title company Surety Land Title agreeing to come in on a Saturday and my real Estate Agent Tina Dreyer working tirelessly for me to have a home before Christmas.

Still no supervisor or manager responsible for the poeple involved has reached out to me and its already been over three months since I closed. 

I spoke to Mark Sileck, Mark Santiago, Bret Butler and I emailed Les Miller and the only perosn who responded once was Bret Butler, I havent heard a word since.

Thanks USAA

Valued Customer




We regret to hear of your experience with your mortgage loan. This is not the type of experience we want for our members. Your comments have been shared with a colleague who will look further into your concerns and reach out to discuss with you. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. -Gus

 I did use _______ CO,  for 2 mortgage loans so far.  


The first stayed with _______ CO, and was not an issue, and all went smooth. loan 1998



The second got sent to/bought by/transferred etc to a company I am less than happy with.  loan  2011


They never respond to emails, problem complaints etc..  They refund your surplus escrow...... and then later increase your monthly amount due... in addition to that other money sent in was not posted correctly which caused many headaches.   In my opionion they are trying to get your payments so high or payments so meesed up you default on loan and they get your home.  This is how I feel....  They do not ask if you want the money surplus they just send a 5,000.00 dollar check and say hey you have this extra....$$$  after twice going through this and then later realizing in my mind this is a scam....  I am very frustrated  with the entire situation.  Of course the next year taxes go up and suddenly the money refunded is needed again.    Just be careful in cashing any refund checks... refuse them if you can.    I later googled this company to only find out they have many customers that have many issues with them.    This is unfortunate and I just want others to be aware.     To my knowledge I never agreed to this...............I got notice that it was going to happen.  period the end.....     Now I am stuck with a company that does not respond, increased my monthly amount due and in my mind is a shady business dealer....  Not ______CO,.. but why my loan got transferred is still a question in my mind...


fyi  I think ______CO,  needs to know this if they don't already !


If I ever get another loan....... hmmmm



USAA member > 25 years 

I would like o thank the USAA's team for looking into my Mortgage process and resolving the issue. Mr. Brian contacted me and reviewed the circumstances that lead to my delay in closing and the hardship that it caused my family. He renewed my confidence in USAA. I appreciate the effort you made to get a resolution for my claim.