Path: Under "Set Category Rules" then go to "Current Category Rules" then under "If description contains".


1. There is currently no way, that I am aware of, to adjust order/rank of the categories we have created. Only by most recently added is what appears at the bottom of the list. We should be able to select how to order the list with maybe a "sort by" selection/radio button. One very helpful way to sort by would be an "alphabetical" option. Or, a "newest added" or "oldest added." Right now your functionality is very basic and it is therefore inefficient.


2. There should also be a radio button that allows a USAA user to select and move multiple categories up or down all at once.


3. Lastly, the way we move categories up/down in the stack is very onerous and slow. Clicking the up or down arrow one at a time -and- only one place in the list as a time is horrible. Being able to "Sort By" might help.


Thanks, Mike.


Hello @Michael S2. I am sorry to hear you feel this way. I will forward your feedback regarding our category rules online. -Colleen