In 2012, I put $400 on some NFL season tickets with my USAA Amex.


After several months, the team contacts me and says "We don't have the seats you want."


I requested a refund, a month later the team said "You can't get a refund."


I tried to be reasonable - I asked them to apply it to single game(s) tickets - they never responded.


With them holding my money hostage - I idisputed charges.  After a month long investigation USAA Amex said "they don't refund that money." My dispute was denied.


The team ticket office didn't call me in 2013.  Didn't call me in 2014.  A month ago I sent them a note asking what was up - they ignored that too.


Why won't USAA help me get my money back.  Do I actually have to take this group to small claims court?



I’m sorry to hear about what happened and would like to have a specialist research your situation. Please provide some additional details by clicking here and USAA will contact you soon. 

Can you please respond to the simpler question the individual asked; i.e.: is small-claims court the answer? That way, should this happen, I can bypass having to speak to a human.


As a community manager I have no access to accounts. I am not an account specialist. Each member's situation is different and requires personal attention. That is why we asked the member to contact someone directly. 

Thank you for your understanding.