You've upgrade the login experience for your customers which is great but now the direct connect isn't working for PFM app, Moneydance among others. Went to their forum and there are tons of unhappy people. Can't download transactions. USAA Cust Sup. kinda clueless. Is a fix coming? I was given the number 210-531-8722 to call by USAA on Twitter. Called the number provided. Was waiting on hold for 40 mins. After which the call went to "this person doesn't have a valid voicemail." and disconnected. Seriously? (smh). This has been going on for about a week. I've been in limbo since trying to verify transactions etc...It seems you folks believe Quicken is the only game in town for some reason. I was also told that the this issue has been escalated to the "appropriate team." Sounds a bit like a line from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Govt Agent: "We have top men working on it right now." Dr Jones: "Who?" Govt Agent: "Top Men."


Well folks, what do you think?  Are they getting the message yet?  It's now been nine days, or more, and very little is being said.

Nope, they haven't gotten the message yet.  Nothing seriously shared from anyone that they are aware they screwed up and are working with Moneydance and others to fix the issue.  Nothing, silence, birds chirping.  Yes, the agents on this forum stating they have escalated it is not enough.  We need an official response!



So we can take a look into this and open an incident report, please call our Website Support team at 877-632-3003.

~ Lori C

My incident was opened on 1/29.  Not a peep since then.  They should just come out and say, we don't care that we put a hitch in your git-along because certainly that is the way we are all feeling.