It has been over 2 months since USAA cut off the download ability for users of MoneyDance.  We have started shifting our accounts to a new credit union. has anyone been able to get any solid answers from USAA?  We hate to leave but I am at the end of my patience level with no information.


Katrick86 - USAA is committed to ensuring members have the ability to share their account information with 3rd party applications. If you are currently not able to link your USAA accounts to a 3rd party application we recommend you inquire with the 3rd party application provider about the different connection options with USAA that are available to you. We also have technical support available for help at 877-632-3002. I hope this information is helpful. - Jason

That is tooo funny!  I have called technical support and only Quicken is supported. I will not use Quicken ever again.  I chose MoneyDance because of thier MAC support.  USAA you need to wake up!  The rats are abandoning the ship!

@Katrick86, We appreciate your membership and feedback. I have shared your concerns with the appropriate area for further review. - Tricia

Here's what a Moneydance support person said yesterday, in response to someone saying they talked with someone at USAA and were told "we are working on it"...  it sounds like a lie.

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 3.46.53 PM.png


Yes, USAA use to be the best at offering OFX/Direct Connect to personal finance software.   I have been utilizing IGG Banktivity and it worked great with OFX Direct Connect.  Then in late January, USAA just cut it off, no expliantion, nothing.  Alas this seems to be the trend in the banking industry now, proably due to security.  I just wish USAA would have just sent out a notification and an explination.