Hi Usaa!

This is currently the ONLY way that I can talk to you because - no one is answering your phones! Although I've also reached out via social media because again - no one is answering your phones! I don't ever want to talk to MY BANK via social media. That's not safe USAA! Are you looking to keep me and money SAFE?  I'm hearing that your focus on SAFETY is the reason my finanical software, Moneydance, no longer works. Of course I'm just hearing this through these chat rooms because - NO ONE IS ANSWERING YOUR PHONES. Meanwhile, I'm on about 10 days of not being able to --- budget, confirm transactions, and plan for retirement because you've locked up my data without 1. warning me 2. telling me 3. helping me find a solution. 

Where did the love go USAA? Who did you hire that told you NOT to talk to your customers? That consultant is wrong. 


@Sarah K, we understand your frustration. Our members' financial security is top priority for USAA, and we're always working to better improve our services. I've submitted your concerns to the appropriate team. Thank you for taking this time to post. ~Holland

Who is "the appropriate team" is there a phone number that I can call so that I can actually speak to someone?! Why is there STILL no communication - even an email - to ALL the members about this? Why are you not addressing this?!



You've been giving that cookie-cutter response for a week now.  When will the problem (caused by USAA) be fixed, or at least acknowledged?

I'm still - still waiting for a response from you on this. Who is the 'appropriate team'? How do we get in touch with them? Why have you allowed this to continue for so long? What are you doing to change this? 

I would like to add my voice to this issue.   I have been a member for 30+ years.   I have sent secure emails for support on this issue with no response.  Customer service on this issue is nonexistent.   Please fix this ASAP.

@dasbis - Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. We value your 30+ years of membership and your feedback. Please know that I have submitted the feedback you provided for review. Tricia

@Tricia, have you received any feedback from upper management at USAA about the issue? Is USAA in the process of actively trying to remedy or at least discuss options at fixing the Direct Connect issue with 3rd party finance software outside of Quicken? So far, we have heard nothing but crickets so I hope that you can at least provide something as this has been going on for a week now.

Adding my voice to this too. I have called and was told it was escalated but no one ever contacted me back. I will be moving my accounts if you don't fix this connection with MoneyDance

Holland, Thank you for the reply, but how about you tell the higher ups at USAA to actually "improve" the services and not "remove" them without warning or recourse? News flash  to USAA, stopping a service is not actually improving it for anybody.

Thank you,