Good morning. I deposited a money order last night. It told me some of the funds would be on hold. I was hoping there was a way to make the funds available tomorrow. I have a family emergency and need to have access to the funds. I have deposited a money order before and the funds were available immediately. Is there anyway USAA could please make this happen since money orders are guaranteed money?




Thank you for contacting us on Member Community regarding the hold placed on your deposit. Funds deposited using the Deposit@Home and Deposit@Mobile services aren't subject to the availability requirements of the Federal Reserve Board regulations. We must confirm the funds are available before funding into your account. Please note, holds will apply on money orders as well. I regret we are unable to remove a hold prior to the date provided on the Account Summary page.


For more information on availability of funds, refer to the Remote Capture User Agreement, paragraph 8. You can find the agreement by using keywords "Remote Capture User Agreement" in the search field and selecting the "USAA Letterhead" PDF link.


I regret any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you. - Rhonda