I've had usaa for insurance for a while, and when I got seperated from my husband I decided to get a checking account through them. For a while it was awesome!
Lately, everytime I deposit a check from work they hold funds. For NO REASON AT ALL. I don't make much as it is. I've never asked them to release a hold early, but because Imy going out of town I called and asked - it's nuts that I couldn't just access all my money anyways. Well they won't do it!? They tell me they cant release the fund. How is that possible if you put the hold on them?
I need to be able to access my account. And this is making me want toswitch to more reliable bank who is willing to work with me when I need it. I'm getting so fed up with these stupid week long holds. In case you have forgotten USA, some of us have lives, and expenses and bills.


I know how you feel! I tried to deposit money orders and was told there would be a 7-10 day hold. Why on earth would you need to hold a money order before releasing funds? The money order was bought with either cash or using a debit card so there should be no reason the money order should be held. I am so frustrated, annoyed and tired of all the inconveniences. USAA used to be my all time favorite bank... not anymore! And to think I've been a member for nearly 2 decades!!

We're truly sorry for any inconvenience caused by the hold process. Unfortunately when funds are deposited through the Deposit@Mobile service, the deposits are not subject to the availability requirements of the Federal Reserve Board regulations. Holds on this type of deposit can be placed at the discretion of USAA. - Darrell

So how are the amounts of time determined if not by the amount of time the deposit takes to clear the originating bank? 

Thank you for your inquiry. For more information on availability of funds, refer to the Remote Capture User Agreement, paragraph 8. You can find the agreement by using keywords "Remote Capture User Agreement" in the search field and selecting the "USAA Letterhead" PDF link. If you have additional questions and would like to speak with us, please call us at 210-531-USAA (8722), our mobile shortcut #8722 or 800-531-8722. Thank you! - Darrell

Not-so-Happy, I am not a USAA employee but as a former bank employee (10 yrs with B of A), I can tell you that a money order OR cashier's check does not automatically give you money.  The two forms of payment are purchased with cash so the funds are guaranteed, but the actual instrument could still be fraudulent.  Until someone at the business where the money order or cashiers check was produced verifies that instrument, it is just a piece of paper.  The only real advantage to money orders and cashiers checks is you don't have to worry about an account not having money in it.  But the actual paper still needs to be verified.