USAA just dnt like me because i went through so much trouble for 3 days trying to figure out how to deposit money into my account and when i finally found out i can use the UPS store i went to the nearest one to me and later found out not all UPS stores provide that service so after visiting 2 stores i found one that i got to and still had waited an hour because they had issues processing in the system then i was glad that i was able to finally put my money into my accout thinking i had immediate access to my money and all though i expected a 2-3 day hold i later found out from USAA customer service i had to wait 10 Days to use my own money! Even they found all these reason to explain ...(made no since in my mind) im still waiting cuz i used all the cash i had and now have to wait to get home to eat if i spend the day out.


King Mac,


You really need to sit down and read the Depository and Disclosure Agreement you received when you opened your account.  It explains the hold times - which includes stating that all deposits via mobile banking are subject to a 7 business hold time to allow the funds to be received from the issuing bank.  It is not your own money until USAA receives the actual funds.


For future reference, you can find various locations of USAA ATMs and UPS stores that accept deposits using the USAA locator tool.

Thank you for the info im new to USAA and im not use to there services. But i still think they need to do something thats more reliable.

Hi King Mac,


I understand your frustration, and DSTEXAS is correct in regards to our holds. If you do have any other questions, comments or concerns in regards to your account, please do not hesitate to send us a private message here, or give us a call at 1-800-531-8722. Thank you again for taking the time to comment.

USAA is losing my business after my situation is cleared up. They could give two cents about military members. I am going through the same thing.
Military Mac, it takes USAA several days at minimum to actually clear the funds at the institution the check is drawn on. However, there is a way you can generally avoid this issue. If you are credit qualified (i.e. have a USAA credit card), they will allow you to deposit checks through Deposit@Mobile for approximately $5,000 - $10,000er day and the funds are available immediately (i.e. no holds).
My Reality, you really need to learn to read the Depository Agreement. If you need charity, try social services or the Red Cross. USAA isn't a charity.

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