Well currently my husband is stationed over in South Korea an I'm here in Pennsylvania with our two daughters. It seems like every month when we get paid I will go out an get everything our girls an I need. Now mind you our daughters are 1 as of last month an 2 as of this past Friday. So if you have children, you know how expensive they are. Well I'll spend any where from $300- $400 just on household items and whatever my girls need. I get no assistance from any where such as welfare or wic. Never got wic because the wic here would not cover the formula I used for both kids and the pediatrician wouldn't write a note stating that they were not to be switched because we had trouble with different kinds of formula with both our girls and our old pediatrician supported our decision and had us switch the formula for our first born so it was what we were using an that was it. Well the new pediatrician had no clue and didn't feel like we " had" to stay on it. Well anyways, it seems like almost every month my husband and I have money just disappear. I know sounds crazy because money just don't disappear but it always seems like for as much as I spend just in that first day, it is because the next day or even a couple days, our checking account is empty with maybe a few bucks. Now I'm writing this because it has caused some strain in my marriage. It almost seems like my husband doesn't believe me when I tell him I'm honestly not spending all the money. This has been happening for a year or so now. I'm the first to notice that something wasn't right. An I talked to a friend of mine who was previously active in the marines an he said he had the same thing happen to him plus he has friends that have too. Now I want to know has anybody else had or is having this same kind of problem with their account? If so please reply to this because I need my husband to see that I'm telling him the truth. An it is happening to others as well. Thank you so much!


I do hope you are keeping detailed records.  If you are not doing so, it is almost impossible to track your spending.  You need to look into managing your funds with appropriate software such as Mint, Quicken, etc.  I also hope you receive monthly financial statements to which you reconcile your records.  If you do not have a system of record keeping and financial management you should get in touch with someone who can help you.  Veterans groups in some communities offer help to famiilies where one memeber is deployed.  At the very least your local bank may be able to help you.  You definitely need to fully understand where your money is going.


H. Stack,

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. As a community manager I am unable to access your accounts or review any history to offer any advice on your current issue. I would encourage you to start keeping a budget and perhaps use some of the budgeting tools available on USAA.com. Please contact a member services representative by clicking here or by telephone at 1-800-531-8722, especially if you believe any fraud has been occuring on your account. 

Thank you.

Your husband can download the monthly account statements and see exactly where the cash goes. The. If you have a USAA credit card he can also download the credit card statements to see where it was spent.

It's pretty darn easy to see where your money goes with USAA.  logged in, the tab My Account Tools, under Budgeting and Goals, select Track Your Money.   I've had quite a few moments of wait!!!  What the !!!   Ooooh yea :D Osnap I spent it all...  The plus, no need to wait for a statement. It's right there staring you in the face....  The painful truth..

Also, USAA allows you the option of editing the spending categories.  USAA will assign a "likely" cost category to your transactions once they have posted to your accounts, but you should be able to click on that and then change it to somethign more accurate.  USAA has a reasonably comprehensive category list already set up and allows you to add subcategories also.


Under My Accounts, select the account that you want to review your transactions, Then click on the green arrow at the right of the pre-assigned category.  A drop down box appears. You can type in the first few letters ofh te category and the website will try to find it, or you can manually find it in the drop down box.  If you want to "Manage Categories" click on the blue link that is the first option in the drop down box.


category snip.PNG

USAA also allows you to edit the Description field of a Transaction.  I find this particular useful on checks that I have written.