Hi I just read that Intuit was purchasing USAA. Is this going to effect us in anyway? This is probably old news to most as I rarely scan this section. However, lately I have been having issues transferring money from my checking account with USAA to my checking account with SunTrust; who by the way is also in the transition of merging with BB&T. I know the statement at the top reads it can take anywhere from 3-5 days to post, I could very well be mistaken but I thought it previously read 2-3 days to post(?) As of late, at least within the last month it has taken sometime for the transfer to actually finalize. I noticed this because prior to any major things happening at SunTrust my transfers were going through almost immediately. So I thought it was on their end.(SunTrust) Now I’m reading this blog about a merger/buyout. Has anyone else had any delays or changes that maybe I should expect will be coming my way? Or maybe if you could kindly point me in the direction to catch up on this USAA/Intuit transaction it would be greatly appreciated. *Ok, got a little side tracked, my apologies. My bottom line question is, has anyone else had any issues with timely transfers to a non-USAA account?
Thank you for your time.


@2LiLBs, Thank you for taking the time to write our Member community. I have not heard that news of anyone purchasing USAA. Please take into account where that info cam from, it definitely sounds false. As far as your transfers, it is 3-5 days as a max generally. A lot of times it can be much much quicker if not instant. I would recommend talking to the receiving bank to see their timeframe as well. Thanks again and take care! ~Tom

I've been having issues just adding an outside account for transfers, as well as with the Zelle app/link. I love the service USAA provides, the products, and the customer service rocks.

Thanks for reaching out, @Valberlee1980 - What kind of issues are you experiencing? For the Zelle app, you may want to uninstall the mobile app and reinstall it. Make sure you have the most up to date app we have. For the transfers, we did have a technical issue a couple of days ago, but that has been resolved and you should be able to complete any transfers needed. Are you getting an error message or notification when you add the external account? - Cathleen