Money Stolen Via Mobile App

I deposited money order via the mobile application, which was credited to my account, the abruptly and without notice removed from my account. When I called USAA, after 2 roughly 45 minute telephone conversations I was told that the reason was that they had difficulty viewing the mobile app picture but that in 2-3 business days I would have the money returned to my account. After this did not happen, I called and after a similarly long telephone call I was told that was incorrect, and that I would need to send the money order into USAA. I did that. After a week roughly one third of the money order's value was placed in my account. I have currently been on hold for roughly 48 minutes as I type this and I am being told that it's an "encoding" issue and that it will take two business days to solve. I have been repeatedly told that I get absolutely nothing for all the time I have wasted. The funny (in fatal car crash sort of way) thing about this is that even though I live right outside one of our country's largest military installations, USAA only has two ATMs that take deposits and they only work intermittently. Thus, a USAA operator is the one who suggested that I use money orders to make deposits. 

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I do regret to hear of this experience @Profile6, I was able to locate your profile and will engage the appropriate area for review. If additional information is needed they may reach out to you. We appreciate your time today and apologize for any inconvenience. While we are unable to discuss account details via our social channels for security, you do have the option to chat with us via or the mobile app to discuss what options may be available. -Emily