I know that there were issues with the new Money Manager interface and that more recent posts have stated that all problems have been fixed. However, I'm still having two issues: 


1. Categories won't save ("Track Money" tab):

  • Whenever I choose to label a transaction by a different category than what is automatically selected (such as "Entertainment" instead of "Restaurants/Dinning Out"), it doesn't save. If I go back to my budget or refresh the page, all labels revert back to their original automatically selected categories. 
  • Please note that I've tried different web-browsers, different devices (phone, tablet, pc), different categories (ones I created, ones that were created by USAA), and nothing seems to make a difference. The only way I have been able to keep a category selected was when I did so from the "My Budget" interface... which brings me to my second point.

2. Not all transactions show up in the "My Budget" interface ("My Budget" tab):

  • Since I am only able to change categories within the "My Budget" interface, I decided simply to do all my adjustments here - that is, until I realized that not all transactions show up here. The ones that don't show up are any transactions that come from a secondary checking account that we have.
  • My question here is whether or not you can add/subtract different accounts onto the budget. It would seem to me that all of our accounts would feed into this since they are all part of our budgetary plans (savings, credit card, checking - even multiple accounts). 


I'm sure there are easy solutions to these dilemmas and that maybe they are user errors. Any information is greatly appreciated. 






Sorry... I figured out the solution to my second problem (adding accounts to Budget), but the first problem still persists (changing labels).




This issue (1) you have described with saving changes to transaction categories in 'Track Money', has been identified as a defect by USAA IT, and they are working diligently to fix it. Data code fixes take time to test and implement. However, as a workaround, you can still edit/save transaction category changes in My Budget and in your Account Summary pages. Even for external accounts that you track. (2) I know you figured out how to choose accounts to track in My Budget, but for those who don't know:
Click 'Edit Budget'
Click 'Spending Accounts to Track'
Choose your accounts to track and click 'Return to Personalize Budget'
Click 'Save My Budget'

Hope this helps!